Find your electricity tariff which suits your company best

Whether "SWK Profi" or "SWK heating electricity" or our naturally generated "SWK Natura Strom": Business customers benefit from our favorable conditions - adjusted to their individual consumption rate and consumption characteristics.

SWK Profi garant

SWK Profi garant

Electricity for our business customers

Electricity represents an enormous cost factor for companies. With SWK Profi garant you will benefit from a lower electricity price for super consumers.

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SWK Profi garant<br/>Day & Night

SWK Profi garant
Day & Night

If your company also works completely at night

Is your company consuming large amounts of electricity between 10:00 pm and 6:00 am? Then SWK Profi garant "Day & Night" is the right electricity tariff for you. 

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SWK Natura Basic

SWK Natura Basic

The natural alternative for business customers

Good for the environment – and for the region: become a climate protector and opt for our green electricity SWK Natura Basic Power! Our favorable natural power mix gets supplied from the European integrated network and from the region.

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SWK Natura Premium

SWK Natura Premium

100% Green electricity from the region

Give a trend an invest in decentralized power generation with renewable energies: The SWK Natura Premium Power is 100 % generated in the region.

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SWK Heating current

SWK Heating current

Special contracts for storage heating

Are you looking for the best electricity tariff for storage heating in your company? Then we have the right heating current for you.

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