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Karate or karatedo is an unarmed martial arts and will be teached as a self-defense, competitive and also healthy sport. At the karate club Budokan, there are karatekas practice on different ages, from 2 years till over 60 years.
Are you interested? Then start now your free probation training!

What discount do I get?

New members will get in the first 12 months a price reduction of 10% on the monthly payment or 20% price reduction on the monthly family charge.

How do I get the discount?

Just present a valid SWKcard.

Who is the coach?

Marcus Gutzmer, is a certificate trainer of the DOSB, national coach of the RKV, club manager A and also an A taster in Shotokan and SOK. With this qualification you will earn a high level training.

Where can I apply for it?

At the training location directly. This will be in the Lina Pfaff Realschule (entrance on the Augustastraße) in Kaiserslautern. It is possible on every time to take a part in the beginner groups and to successfully complete a probation training without obligation.

How long ist this offer valid?

This offer is valid until 28. February 2017.

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Karateverein Budokan e.V.