Fares for the “Lautrer Nachtbus” (night bus)

PS 1PS 21PS 3
KaiserslauternOtterberg, Otterbach,
Katzweiler, Rodenbach,
Stelzenberg, Hochspeyer,
Fischbach, Mehlingen,
Baalborn, Kindsbach
Trippstadt, Weilerbach,
Sembach, Bann,
Queidersbach, Krickenbach,
Linden, Schopp
Single Ticket2,30 €3,70 €4,30 €
Season ticket holder*1,00 €1,00 €1,00 €
* accepted as season tickets are: All weekly, monthly and annual tickets of the VRN (except for VRN-semester tickets), VRN-semester ticket plus Westpfalz, VRN-combination ticket, one-day ticket, authenticated pass for persons with disabilities.
Multi-trip tickets are not accepted.


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