We are responsible for our environment

Environmental protection and sustainability are of utmost importance. We generate efficient energy thanks to innovative technology. Being responsible when dealing with the resources used is our top priority. We contribute to the improvement of Kaiserslautern's eco-balance with our products, production processes and services. This is reflected in our established and practiced environmental management system.

Our contribution to the environment

Less fuel input and thus lower CO2-emissions: our heating and power station operates according to the principle of combined heat and power. In other words, we simultaneously generate electricity and heat and thus protect the environment.

Come and join our team

We take care of the local public transportation. Together with our passengers, we make a significant contribution to reducing harmful CO2 emissions with our modern buses.

Jointly with our customers for the environment

Active environmental protection is very important to us. With SWK you can chose between two Green Energy Products und Gas Natura. Become active yourself and protect nature - quite simply from your home.

Responsibility for our enviroment