Liquid Gas: Energy with Many Advantages

Environmentally friendly, efficient and flexible: liquid gas offers numerous advantages - as a short-term transition to anatural gas supply, or as a permanent solution

Environmentally friendly

Liquid gas burns cleanly. It produces less than half of the carbon dioxide than other fuels. In contrast to coal or oil heaters, modern liquid gas heaters have very low emission values. 

Modest investment

Compared to oil heating, installation costs for liquid gas supply are substantially lower. There is no need to install boiler rooms or chimneys. Therefore, investment costs are kept within limits.

In the long run: economical

Gas appliances can be finely adjusted and heat generation adapts optimally to heating demands. Their efficiency is clearly above that of an oil heater. Gas appliances are also low-maintenance, and therefore, servicing costs are low.

24-hour all-round service

SWK supplies Frankelbach, Heiligenmoschel, Niederkirchen, Schallodenbach, Weselberg and the Fröhnerhof in Mehlingen with liquid gas. The intelligent liquid gas filling station of SWK guarantees 24-hour all-round service without additional expenditure. If a natural gas supply is available in newly developed areas, reconstructing or upgrading the gas pipeline or heating system is not necessary.

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