The House of Water visitor center was built in connection with the conversion and renovation of our Rote Hohl water works in 2007. Inside this award-winning structure, visitors can find out where Kaiserslautern gets its drinking water, how we check water quality, and a wealth of other important facts about water – the elixir of life. Plus, the House has rooms for seminars, exhibitions, and events of all kinds. 

The House of Water: a multi-functional meeting center

Tours & Conference Center


  • Experiential tours of the water works are offered for interested groups. Optional pure and raw water tasting.

Conference Center

  • Exhibitions, presentations, trade fairs
  • Expert talks, university lectures, company forums
  • For seminars, workshops and other events
Available rooms and equipment
  • A bright, vibrant atmosphere connected with undisturbed nature in the midst of the Palatinate Forest.
  • Modern architecture and plenty of conference room space on two levels.
  • 40 parking spaces on-site; optional SWK shuttle bus service.
  • Located right near Kaiserslautern Technical University (TU KL) Reachable on SWK bus line 106, exiting at the stop “Rote Hohl.”
  • Media terminal with microphones, video project, and internet connection (LAN).
  • Maximum seating capacity of 70.
Target group
  • School children of all grade levels (and kindergarten)
  • College students
  • Companies, associations, colleges/universities, institutes, educational organizations, clubs, and non-profits

Views of the seminar rooms

Directions to the House of Water

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