Our heart is in Kaiserslautern

We’re a modern, flexible service company based on tradition, and we ensure that you have access to energy around the clock. You, our customers, are our most important partners. We want to offer you a modern energy supply that focuses on the future. To put it briefly, customer proximity means on-site service to us.

Our services for you

Our main business areas are:

Our bus services for you

Whether you take a rest, read, or simply look out the window – riding the bus is very relaxing! When will you make the change to public transit? We operate over 60 modern buses on a total of 23 lines for you throughout Kaiserslautern.

We support and assist people in the region

And, of course, we tare involved in the region as well. Our charitable foundations and serving as a sponsor are just a couple of examples of our support activities.

For you. With all our energy.

Do you have any questions about our products or our services? We are happy to provide you with a detailed consultation and any help you may require. Simply let us know what you need and our experts will take care of you as quickly as possible.

Please use our customer portal for issues such as name changes, meter readings, notifying us of a move, or something similar.





Our locations

SWK Stadtwerke Kaiserslautern Versorgungs-AG

SWK Customer Service Center

Bismarckstraße 14
67655 Kaiserslautern

Business hours
Mon to Fri from 8.00 am until 5.00 pm

Tel.: (0631) 8001-1200
Fax: (0631) 8001-1000
Email: customerservice@swk-kl.de

Current waiting time

5 person(s) are currently waiting

expected waiting time: 3 minute(s)

last update: 20. Januar 2020 13:18:58

SWK CityServiceCenter

Fackelstraße 36
67655 Kaiserslautern

Business hours
Mon, Tue, Fri from 8.30 am until 4 pm
Wed from 8.30 am until 1 pm NEW
Thu from 8.30 am until 6 pm

Tel.: (0631) 8001-1200
Email: customerservice@swk-kl.de

Current waiting time

0 person(s) are currently waiting

expected waiting time: 0 minute(s)

last update: 20. Januar 2020 13:18:55

SWK Mobilitätszentrale

Fruchthallstraße 14
67655 Kaiserslautern

Business hours
Mon to Fri from 7 am until 6 pm
Sat from 10 am until 2 pm

Tel.: (0631) 8001-3530

SWK Energy Consulting Center

Brandenburger Straße 2
67663 Kaiserslautern

Appointments outside are possible
Tel.: (0631) 8001-1602

Technical Service, Asset Management

Karcherstraße 28
67655 Kaiserslautern

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