Our efficient heating and power plant in Karcherstrasse works according to the principle of combined heat and power (or “cogeneration”). This means that energy and heat are generated at the same time. This is good for the environment, because it reduces the use of primary energy sources by up to a third – and this results in significantly fewer emissions.

The power plant has become even more efficient since 2017, as this is when we integrated a new heat storage system into our district heating grid. The heat that is generated in electricity production can now be stored and fed into the district heating grid as needed.

Shining a Light

The heat storage technology has helped to increase our power plants efficiency. By illuminating them we light the path into the future. During the day, our three heat storage light up in blue and green, our company colors. The colors change as soon as it gets dark. Controllable LED lights make all this possible. Seven rings with LED lights are placed around each heat accumulator. This impressive installation was designed by Berlin-based light artist Nils-R. Schultze.

Video: Installation of heat storage units

Your Benefits with SWK district heating

All benefits at a glance

  • Simple and convenient
  • Secure supply and low cost
  • Space-saving district heating transfer station
  • No need to store fuels
  • No boiler or tank maintenance and repair costs
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An SWK district heat connection is ultra-convenient, because we take over the hard work while you get to enjoy a warm, cozy home!

For you. With all our energy.

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