Why invest time and money for no good reason when it comes to heating and warm water? Leave the hard work to us and benefit from our service. We can supply you with affordable, environmentally friendly, and reliable district heating right at your house in all areas connected to our district heating grid.

Your Benefits with SWK District Heating

All benefits at a glance

  • Low primary energy factor
  • Combustion occurs on the premises
  • Space-saving district heating transfer station
  • No need to store fuels
  • Comprehensive service
  • Right in time for the energy transition
Are You Interested?
A SWK district heating connection is ultra-convenient – we take on the hard work while you get to enjoy a warm, cozy home!

Stay on the Safe Side

To keep your home warm and cozy all the time we ensure that our heating services are consistently available at our heating and power plant. Our fault monitoring system is responsible for making sure everything is in working order. It records every irregularity and our specialists resolve every problem immediately. If an incident happens to occur, then we’re there for you 24 hours:

Help desk hotline: (+49-631) 8001-4444
Emergency hotline: (+49-800) 8958-958 (toll-free)

The District Heating Prices

Lautrer Behaglichkeit

For new customers whose contract started on or after 01 August 2013: tariff "Lautrer Behaglichkeit"

Effective 04/01/2021 Net Gross (19 % VAT)
Energy price 4.472 ct/kWh* 5.322 ct/kWh
Annual base price 33.95 €/kW/year 40.41 €/kW/year

Lautrer Wärme

For established customers whose contract started before 01 August 2013: tariff "Lautrer Wärme"

Effective 04/01/2021 Net Gross (19 % VAT)
Energy price 6.705 ct/kWh* 7.979 ct/kWh

We will be happy to advise you if you want to change to the tariff “Lautrer Behaglichkeit”. Please note: After changing to the tariff “Lautrer Behaglichkeit”, you will not be able to switch back to the tariff “Lautrer Wärme”.

Annual meter charges

ndependent of the heat supply, the following annual meter charges must be paid for your meter(s):

Effective 04/01/2021 Net Gross (19 % VAT)
until QN 2.5 75.75 €/year/meter 90.14 €/year/meter
QN 3.5 83.32 €/year/meter 99.15 €/year/meter
QN 6 156.23 €/year/meter 185.91 €/year/meter
QN 10 164.04 €/year/meter 195.21 €/year/meter
QN 15 171.85 €/year/meter 204.50 €/year/meter

*Easement Fee

Following a resolution made by the city council on 26 June 2017, the City of Kaiserslautern has resolved to charge an easement fee for the use of public rights of way for the supply with district heat. This fee is independent of the respective applicable district heat prices and will be charged to the customer for the amount of heat consumed, at a price of 0.06 cents per kilowatt hour, starting on 01 October 2017.
The value-added tax in the statutory amount shall be added to the easement fee.

Any questions? We are happy to help you personally

SWK District Heating Tariffs

You’ll always be on the safe side with an SWK district heating connection. Why is that? Well, it’s because we route energy for heating and warm water right into your house at a low cost, for an environmentally friendly and reliable supply. You can find out more information about district heating in our flyer!

Forms for SWK District Heating

The SWK Stadtwerke Kaiserslautern district heating connection can save you time and money. Why not simply download the registration form for a convenient heating supply for warm water and home heating today? This is where you will also find all information and data sheets on technical connection requirements.

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Do you have questions about our products or our services? We are happy to provide you with a detailed consultation and any help you may require. Simply let us know what you need and our experts will take care of you as quickly as possible.

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