Mobile also at night

You enjoy turning the night into day, but would like to be mobile without a car? SWK offers a special service to all night owls: the “Lautrer Nachtbus” (night bus).

Friday to Saturday and Saturday to Sunday nights, SWK buses run every hour into all parts of the city and most surrounding communities, starting at midnight. The nine night lines also run on New Year's Eve and before most holidays (May 1st, the Ascension, Corpus Christi, Anniversary of the German Unification, All Saint's Day), however, not on Good Friday. 

Here’s a news article by "Kaiserslautern America" concerning the night bus: 

Kaiserslautern night bus gets passengers home safely, (PDF, 933 KB)

Stop on demand

When on the night bus, you can also get off the bus outside of regular bus stops. Just let the driver know ahead of time. If there are no safety issues, he will let you get off at the front door. By the way, this rule applies daily on all bus lines of SWK starting at 8 pm.

The "Lautrer night bus"